AI & Quantum Computer


"The purpose of quantum computing based compassionate artificial intelligence is to develop integrated systems that can preserve and enhance human values of peace, love, happiness and freedom." - Amit Ray.

Data is doubling in every 2 years and it is becoming extremely crucial to upgrade the computers as traditional computers are not adequate enough to do the complex calculation. There comes the existence of quantum computers; to do the calculations where traditional computers are bound to fail. The complex tasks beyond the scope, can now easily be accomplished with the quantum computer. However there is a catch, quantum computers are extremely sensitive and can easily get distracted with the interference from the external environment. This is the most daunting task for the researchers to make an apt and adequate error-correction strategy to make quantum computing mightiest of the computer evolution.

The Concept of Quantum Error Correction System:

Recently there is a ground-breaking news in regards to error-correction system. Florian Marquardt, Director at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, and his team have built a prototype of quantum error correction system that is capable of instantaneous learning backed by sheer prowess of artificial intelligence.

   This fascinating idea has actually taken shape from the AI's core principle in regards to machine learning, for this situation, the AlphaGo framework. Go, as a gaming program controlled by machine learning got into records in the wake of winning 4 out of 5 games against the best human player on the planet. It has taken every computer scientist off the edge and has been recorded as one of the finest achievement of computer history. It is a standout amongst the most intricate diversions at any point made and it is said that it has a greater number of mixes of moves than the current atoms in the entire universe.

   So to anything to ace this diversion, it needs an outstanding power and learning ability, which is the thing that AlphaGohad the advantage of, fueled by its artificial neural systems. With that the frameworks can rehearse and execute a huge number of moves in minutes, behind the scene, subsequently outperforming the learning capacity of smartest human players. To be correct, the Erlangen-based scientists utilize neural systems that are fundamentally the same as this to achieve their goal of making an error-correction self-learning system, for use with quantum computers.

   While numerous institutional financial specialists are charmed by the blockchain business, to understand a sizable flood of institutional players and assets we require a more vigorous administrative condition.

The impact of AI:

AI has been growing in an exponential speed and has already marked its prominence in almost all the domains. Though it is still at nascent stage, it has great potential to become the greatest driving force of technology revolution. In the field of quantum computers, if the error-correction can be achieved instantaneously without human intervention, it will pave the roadmap for advanced research and unprecedented outcomes.