Azure Vs AWS


There has always been fascination regarding the cloud computing market. It has been quite a hot topic for discussion among business enthusiasts, journalists and business leaders. Cloud computing by its nature is futuristic and the pace they are gobbling the market with, it is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Two industrial behemoths are fighting fiercely for getting the lion's share of the future technology - Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Azure can be the fastest growing service provider amidst all, but globally as per the reports, AWS still holds the position for the biggest service provider in cloud services market.

Comparison of Cloud Services:

According to Synergy, a market research firm, there are five prominent vendors in the cloud space - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba. Altogether they control 75% of the total global market. Though this market is extremely competitive and competitors are leaving no stones unmarked to get an extra edge over the counterparts but most of the players are being forced to focus on niche areas due to scalability, reliability and most importantly cost issue.

According to Trip Miller, the founder of Gullane Capital Partners and an investor in Amazon, "This space is an oligopoly. No one else of any meaningful size outside a handful of major players is getting into it because they can't afford to get into it."

In terms of market share growth, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Alibaba clocked maximum growth and surpassed the standard market growth rate. The high gainers are now figuring out new and innovative ways to add services to their service portfolio and trying their level best to stand out from the crowd.


AWS vs Azure-War of Dominance AWS vs Azure has become the battle of this century. AWS has been leading the pack for quite a long time but it seems a new player has also emerged capable enough to challenge the champion. Azure has already marked its prominence in the latest earning reports of 2018 where its revenue shoot up to a staggering 90%year over year. In case of AWS, the revenue stream increased by 46% year over year but volume wise it is way beyond the reach of its closest competitors. As per Synergy Research Group, AWS controls 34 percent of the market while its closest rival Azure has 12 percent of the market share.

India Market-Battle of glory between Azure vs AWS: In India market as well, it is also representing the similar trend of global market. Amazon has been aggressively pushing for one of the world's fastest economy and they have succeeded to capture the market so far. Amazon’s cloud business in has reported a massive increment in their revenue stream from operations at Rs. 1,206 crore for fiscal 2018 compared toRs. 397 crore in 2017. It is clearly visible that, AWS keeps on dominating the cloud space where Azure is picking up to be the main challenger of the mighty Amazon cloud computing.

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