Future Of Digital Marketing

"Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale."Chris Brogan, CEO Owner Media Group With the Advent of the web and after that the social media, Digital Marketing has changed quickly over the recent years. To a great extent prodded by technology, a report demonstrates that there are approx. 1,876 marketing technology vendors out there today, and 60% of advertisers anticipate that their organizations will expand interests in technology this year. By looking at the promoting patterns and devices today, we can sort out an emerging new future for Digital Marketing. The following are a few patterns we accept will change the scenario by 2020.

Importance of Digital marketing
Digital marketing is making a lot of buzz in the present days. With the explosion of the internet, organizations have left no stones untouched to improve, enhance their online presence. Within 2020, it is expected that organizations will have their online presence and will face cut-throat competition from their competitors. Digital marketing will be their ultimate weapon in their arsenal to stand out from the crowd and reach out to the target audience. It not only increases the brand popularity in a cost-effective way but also enhances revenue collection process by increasing the interaction with target audience. cryptocurrency Petro raised more than a staggering $5 billion marks in only pre-sales event.

The scope of Digital Marketing in India
With the fascinating speed of mobile penetration followed by the extremely low cost of internet services, internet users in India have increased exponentially within a short tenure. Within June 2017, mobile internet users have reached 420 million and it is increasing daily in a staggering manner. In India, digital marketing is one of the most prominent industries that is burgeoning with more than a 30% rate. Digital advertising in India has reached the $1 billion mark in FY 2016-17. Digitization is turning into a crucial piece of the Indian culture and economy, be it purchasing items, planning, data industry, content or in marketing or promotion. Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) anticipated that by June 2018 the number of mobile users in India will be 500 million. This broadens the extent of Digital marketing and depicts the bright future and scope of online marketing.

Career prospect of Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is one of the booming areas in the world. Digital marketing Executives are in high demand across the world and in India, the demand is even more. In addition, it is expected that this industry will produce more than 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020.

The various roles and designations that come under the purview of Digital Marketing are:

● Digital Marketing Consultant ● Content Marketing Executive ● Content Writer ● Inbound Marketer ● Social Media Marketing Expert ● Search Engine Marketer ● SEO Executive ● Conversion Rate Optimizer ● Copywriters ● Web Analytics Executive ● Email Marketer

Future of Digital Marketing in India
In India, Digital marketing is constantly on the rise. It has been predicted that, by 2020, the valuation of Digital Marketing industry will be INR 225 billion. With the ever-increasing number of mobile penetration, the emergence of online economy, prominence of online marketing such as SEO marketing and Affiliate Marketing – it can certainly be said Digital Marketing has made its presence in the online world and on the verge of becoming an alternative of the traditional form of marketing.