Automation has become the buzzword of the present time. We all grew up seeing the Terminator movies where we witnessed the first-hand superiority of machines over its human counterpart. This has come to reality where mundane processes which require minimal intelligence and monotonous routine steps can easily be automated through bots or robotic process automation. Now the question lies to the inquisitive mind that whether RPA is the beginning of this automation era or the root lies elsewhere like BPA (Business Process Automation).

RPA vs BPA - the mystery of Automation:

Automation has always been the fantasy for the techies and the business enthusiasts as it directly impacts two most crucial factors for any business - maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing the cost. We will discuss one by one giving most priority to customer-centric approach.

Business Process Automation: BPA revolves around rebuilding the core activities and work processes of a business to make everyday tasks more productive.

Robotic Process Automation: RPA utilizes programming to expand the execution of existing procedures. It focuses on the augmentation of the processes.

BPA: Overhauling Processes Everybody needs an advanced procedure that conveys esteem and productivity to their business - all while being savvy. Now and then, however, it takes an upgrade of what's as of now happening to arrive. That is when BPA comes in. BPA has become an integral part of the business process management system. BPA zooms out of the everyday picture and rather sees how forms are finished. In the event that a current framework isn't working, similar to a touchpad on a workstation, for example, BPA would suggest getting rid of everything together and rather utilizing a mouse. The thought here is to speed up existing procedures and accumulate a shorter process duration.

RPA: Quicker and Adaptable RPA's essential capacity is to supplant human assignments with programming. Numerous redundant errands, for example, documenting, ordering, and sending messages would all be able to be finished all the more productively by not having people direct them. Manual work isn't just inclined to human blunder, yet it additionally gobbles up significant time your staff could be spending on things that aren't possible by programming. That is the magnificence of RPA. This innovation has next to zero interruption to existing business forms (in spite of the fact that a decent RPA seller will inspect your procedures and enhance them where conceivable, as well), and coordinates to your ERP and another programming. In confinement, it won't settle a broken procedure as BPA will. It's intended to speed up manual errands, and increment the throughput of your human workforce - basic as that.

Present Situation in regards to Robotics and Automation

The whole world has become obsessed with Robotics and Automation. These two trends are defining the business process management and changing the market dynamics in an unprecedented manner. We need to wait for few more days and witness the mighty duo at work - RPA and BPA upending the traditional business processes and procedures.